1.Is Chinese inflatables manufacturer credible?

Many of my colleagues told me that the risk of buying an air model from China is too big, the price is cheap, the quality is not good, and there is no after-sale protection. In fact, you only need to collect a few large Chinese model companies. www.commercial-inflatable.com is the company I bought the most.

2.Is the port of destination cost really high?

Some friends complained to me: When buying from China, the price of the product and the sea freight are very cheap, but when the goods arrive at the destination port, the cost is high and scary. Indeed, some manufacturers with low reputation will do so in order to earn more profits. Therefore, before you place an order, you must confirm the port of destination fee, generally not more than 200 dollars. Or find a shipping company yourself and arrange the shipping costs for you.

3.If you count the freight, customs, time costs, is it really worthwhile to buy in China?

To be honest, if you just want to buy one or two products, I suggest you buy them directly in the United States. Of course, some large Chinese inflatable companies, such as commercial inflatable, now have their own warehouses in the United States. Although the price is higher than that of the Chinese factory, it is cheaper than the US and can be purchased. If you want to buy 4 to 5, buying from China is definitely the most cost-effective.