The bounce house is the most basic product of inflatable play equipment. It is divided into two categories, bounce house without slide and bounce house with slide. The bounce house without slide is only has a jumping area, and now some products will be added the basketball hoop and some small obstacles to increase the fun.

The bounce house with slide are separately bounce house with internal slide and bounce house with external slide.
The combination of bounce house with internal slide saves floor space, the children jump in the bounce house, and then climb up the slide inside to slide down. The entire play process is in the bounce house, no need to come out, the security is guaranteed.

The combination of bounce house with external slide has a large footprint. But its shape is very attractive. The external slides are also much larger than the internal slides, and the fun is greatly enhanced. In addition, its jumping area is also large, suitable for more children to play inside. The children are playing in the bounce house, then climb the slide and slide down. Entering the bounce house from the outside again increases their range of activities. As a leasing company, you must strengthen the safety of the fan and fixtures, and conduct safety isolation to avoid hurting the children who run out.