Are you looking for commercial bounce house for sale? But hesitant to worry about the quality of the bounce house. Let me teach you how to tell if the bounce house is a commercial grade.
First look at the design. A commercial bounce house must be designed to meet the standards for rental use. It must also meet the standards of individual models for airborne products. Such as Australian Standard (AS3533 Standard) and European Standard (EN 14960 Certificate)

Followed by the material. The commercial bounce house for sale should be 0.55mm 18oz pvc tarpaulin. The pull band inside the trampoline should be a high-strength drawstring. A small mesh mesh should be used. All materials must be fireproof and lead free.

Finally, look at the work of the commercial bounce house. The distance of the needle thread should be one centimeter and three needles. The needle thread must be flat and complete. All stressed areas must be double reinforced.