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I want to buy bounce house. Is there any good product recommendation?
Sports Arena

The sports-themed bounce house measures 13ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 13ft (H). Simple design. The tops of the four pillars are the models of football, basketball, rugby and baseball. Meet the tastes of different sports fans. The bounce house is surrounded by nets, which makes it easy for parents to observe the children’s situation and ensure the safety.
Inflatable Octopus Bouncer

This octopus bounce house will surely attract the attention of many people. Hey, the body part of the bounce house is a big octopus, it looks at you with a smile. When you climb in, you will find more surprises. There are many small obstacles in it or a mini rock climbing, which is great.
Christmas Jumper

This is a Christmas gingerbread house. On a cold Christmas night, the family sat in this warm Christmas bounce house, waiting for Santa’s gift. Maybe Santa will climb in from the chimney of the bounce house and dance with you cheerfully.

House of Bounce

Are you looking for a house of bounce? Tell me your needs, I can recommend the best one for you.

Dylan Cooper: I want to find a house of bounce for my little baby to play. She is a 2 year old girl.
Me: Dylan, check out this mini cute Toy Bouncer. The size is 8 ft (L) x 8 ft (W) x 6 ft (H). It can be placed indoors or in the yard. A 2-year-old angel can play in it all day. Don’t worry about any security issues. The packaged volume is also small and suitable for home use.

Udell Wiggins: Can you find a house of bounce for our adults? We also need to relax.
Me: Udell, Inflatable depot Extreme Adrenaline Obstacle Course Run is a good choice. 328ft (L) x 15ft (W) x 16ft (H). 13 detachable parts can be assembled according to your needs, very convenient. Each unit is a different design of the house of bounce, which is challenging.

Rebecca Stosic: On a hot summer day, I want a water house of bounce.
Me: Inflatable Summit. You will definitely like it. The most amazing design of this water slide is a house of bounce under the slide. You can slide or jump on the water. Very fun.

Commercial Bounce House For Sale

Are you looking for commercial bounce house for sale? But hesitant to worry about the quality of the bounce house. Let me teach you how to tell if the bounce house is a commercial grade.
First look at the design. A commercial bounce house must be designed to meet the standards for rental use. It must also meet the standards of individual models for airborne products. Such as Australian Standard (AS3533 Standard) and European Standard (EN 14960 Certificate)

Followed by the material. The commercial bounce house for sale should be 0.55mm 18oz pvc tarpaulin. The pull band inside the trampoline should be a high-strength drawstring. A small mesh mesh should be used. All materials must be fireproof and lead free.

Finally, look at the work of the commercial bounce house. The distance of the needle thread should be one centimeter and three needles. The needle thread must be flat and complete. All stressed areas must be double reinforced.

Bounce House With Slide

The bounce house is the most basic product of inflatable play equipment. It is divided into two categories, bounce house without slide and bounce house with slide. The bounce house without slide is only has a jumping area, and now some products will be added the basketball hoop and some small obstacles to increase the fun.

The bounce house with slide are separately bounce house with internal slide and bounce house with external slide.
The combination of bounce house with internal slide saves floor space, the children jump in the bounce house, and then climb up the slide inside to slide down. The entire play process is in the bounce house, no need to come out, the security is guaranteed.

The combination of bounce house with external slide has a large footprint. But its shape is very attractive. The external slides are also much larger than the internal slides, and the fun is greatly enhanced. In addition, its jumping area is also large, suitable for more children to play inside. The children are playing in the bounce house, then climb the slide and slide down. Entering the bounce house from the outside again increases their range of activities. As a leasing company, you must strengthen the safety of the fan and fixtures, and conduct safety isolation to avoid hurting the children who run out.

Recommend 5 models of the most popular American bounce house in 2018

No. 5 Backyard Tropical Obstacle E5-008

This tropical rainforest-themed barrier is perfect for adults and teenagers. It consists of 2 parts, a slide and an obstacle trampoline. Two people entered the entrance from the front, crossed the obstacle trampoline, climbed the slide, and the first slide was the winner.

No. 4 Princess Bounce House E2-002

This Princess Bounce House is a classic trampoline look. The princess theme has always been a favorite of girls.

No. 3 Inflatable Princess Castle Pink E2-009

This princess castle-shaped trampoline has been loved by all girls. They hope to become a beautiful princess living in this dreamy castle.

No. 2 Inflatable Sea World Combo E1-141

This underwater world-themed trampoline slide combination meets the children’s desire for the sea. They want to stay with dolphins, sharks, shells, jellyfish and clownfish.

No. 1 Elephant Jumper E1-142

This Elephant Jumper is the hottest trampoline of the year. The simple shape and replaceable inkjet printing have been favored by many renters.

Warning! 3 Important Questions for buying inflatables from China

1.Is Chinese inflatables manufacturer credible?

Many of my colleagues told me that the risk of buying an air model from China is too big, the price is cheap, the quality is not good, and there is no after-sale protection. In fact, you only need to collect a few large Chinese model companies. is the company I bought the most.

2.Is the port of destination cost really high?

Some friends complained to me: When buying from China, the price of the product and the sea freight are very cheap, but when the goods arrive at the destination port, the cost is high and scary. Indeed, some manufacturers with low reputation will do so in order to earn more profits. Therefore, before you place an order, you must confirm the port of destination fee, generally not more than 200 dollars. Or find a shipping company yourself and arrange the shipping costs for you.

3.If you count the freight, customs, time costs, is it really worthwhile to buy in China?

To be honest, if you just want to buy one or two products, I suggest you buy them directly in the United States. Of course, some large Chinese inflatable companies, such as commercial inflatable, now have their own warehouses in the United States. Although the price is higher than that of the Chinese factory, it is cheaper than the US and can be purchased. If you want to buy 4 to 5, buying from China is definitely the most cost-effective.

How about east inflatables reviews?

How to choose inflatable company before you buy? Here’s what you need to know before you buy I think?

1, Real factory with Logo pictures, 2, products artwork well, 3, Strict quality inspection, 4, good price. Who have bought east inflatables slides or bounce houses?

Could you share your experience? Let our friends want get more information about their reviews?

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